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Slashdot The ISRG Wants To Make the Linux Kernel Memory-safe With Rust

Intel Licenses SiFive's Portfolio for Intel Foundry Services on 7nm

Google Gets a New Rival as Brave Search Opens To the Public

Amazon's Planned Purchase of MGM To Be Reviewed by FTC

Bumble Closes To Give 'Burnt-Out' Staff a Week's Break

Google Drops Engineering Residency After Protests

Hedge Fund That Bet Against GameStop Shuts Down

Google in EU Crosshairs Again With Advertising Antitrust Inquiry

ADATA Suffers 700 GB Data Leak In Ragnar Locker Ransomware Attack

Major Ocean-Observing Satellite Starts Providing Science Data

Jeff Bezos-Backed Company General Fusion To Build Nuclear Fusion Facility In UK

Drinking Coffee May Cut Risk of Chronic Liver Disease, Study Suggests

Apple Developing a Whole New Kind of MacBook Air

Engineer Builds Self-Balancing Autonomous Bicycle In Spare Time

Hyundai Acquires Boston Dynamics, Company Most Famous For Robot Police Dogs

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