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Slashdot Ask Slashdot: Should Microsoft Make an Xbox Phone?

Researcher Publishes Second Steam Zero Day After Getting Banned on Valve's Bug Bounty Program

Microsoft Contractors Listened To Xbox Owners in Their Homes

MoviePass Exposed Thousands of Unencrypted Customer Card Numbers

How Flat Earthers Nearly Derailed a Space Photo Book

T-Mobile 'Put My Life in Danger' Says Woman Stalked With Black Market Location Data

Gmail in G Suite Now Uses AI For Inline Spelling and Grammar Suggestions

Apple, Google, and Mozilla Block Kazakhstan's HTTPS Intercepting Certificate

Intel's Line of Notebook CPUs Gets More Confusing With 14nm Comet Lake

Sony Pulls Spider-Man Out of the MCU Over Profit-Sharing Dispute With Disney

Japan's Digital Pop Stars Blur Line Between Virtual and Reality

The First Lightning Security Key For iPhones Is Here, and It Works With USB-C, Too

'World's Oldest Webcam' To Be Switched Off

Pig To Human Heart Transplants 'Possible Within Three Years'

YouTube Removes Videos of Robots Fighting For 'Animal Cruelty'

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