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Slashdot US Secures World Stock of Key COVID-19 Drug Remdesivir

MIT Removes Huge Dataset That Teaches AI Systems To Use Racist, Misogynistic Slurs

People Testing Negative For COVID-19 Antibodies May Still Have Some Immunity, Study Suggests

Firefox 78: Protections Dashboard, New Developer Features, and the End of the Line For Older MacOS Versions

Dish Buys Prepaid Carrier Boost Mobile For $1.4 Billion

Multiple Service Providers Are Blocking DuckDuckGo In India

Apple Recloses More Than 25% of Its US Retail Stores Due To COVID-19 Spikes

Kongregate No Longer Accepting New Games, Shutting Down Forums and Chat

Uncovered: 1,000 Phrases That Incorrectly Trigger Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant

Zoom Misses Its Own Deadline To Publish Its First Transparency Report

Detroit Police Chief: Facial Recognition Software Misidentifies 96% of the Time

Ads Are Taking Over Samsung's Galaxy Smartphones

A Massive Star Has Seemingly Vanished from Space With No Explanation

Tesla Becomes Most Valuable Automaker in Latest Stock Rally

MIT Apologizes, Permanently Pulls Offline Huge Dataset That Taught AI Systems To Use Racist, Misogynistic Slurs

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