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Slashdot Inside Uber and DoorDash's Push To Win the Most Expensive Ballot Race in California History

Apple is Stepping Up Efforts To Build Google Search Alternative

White House Science Office Says Trump Ended COVID-19 Pandemic as US Hits Record Cases

Poll Shows Bipartisan Support For Tech Antitrust Action

Facebook Approves Trump Ads That Violate Its Pre-Election Rules

Microsoft Teams Passes 115 Million Daily Active Users

Daycares In Finland Built a 'Forest Floor,' and It Changed Children's Immune Systems

SpaceX Starlink Public Beta Begins: It's $99 a Month Plus $500 Up Front

Folding@Home Exascale Supercomputer Finds Potential Targets For COVID-19 Cure

Trump's Campaign Website Hacked By Cryptocurrency Scammers

Facebook Tells Academics To Stop Monitoring Its Political Ads

Russia Orders National Mask Mandate As COVID-19 Cases Spike

US Grid-Battery Costs Dropped 70% Over 3 Years

German Regulators Look To Block Teens From Porn Sites

RIAA's YouTube-DL Takedown Ticks Off Developers and GitHub's CEO

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