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Slashdot Uri Geller Finally Apologizes for Suing Pokemon 20 Years Ago

What Happened After Silicon Valley Tried to Make Telecommuting Permanent

Conspiracy Theorists Who'd First Popularized QAnon Now Accused of Financial Motives

After 17 Years OS X Notifier App 'Growl' Retired

New Videogame Bug Turns Spider-Man Into a Trash Can

Raspberry Pi Used To Hack Tesla Model X SUV Key Fob

The ESA Starts a New Commercial Sector in Space: Removing Space Debris

Python's Steering Council Assesses the After-Guido Era

Facebook Removes Temporary Algorithm Change That Had Blocked Misinformation

PHP 8.0 Brings Major (And Breaking) Changes to a 25-Year-Old Language

The Pope Praises Medical Workers, Criticizes 'Personal Freedom' Protests

America's Top Court Strikes Down Covid-19 Restriction On Religious Groups

Chinese Police Have Seized $4.2 Billion Cryptos from PlusToken Ponzi Crackdown

A Hacker is Selling Access To the Email Accounts of Hundreds of C-Level Executives

Developer Successfully Virtualizes Windows for Arm on M1 Mac

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