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Slashdot Researchers Create 'Habitability Index' For Exoplanets

DARPA Jolts the Nervous System With Electricity, Lasers, Sound Waves, and Magnets

Why Is RAM Suddenly So Cheap? It Might Be Windows

Getting More Women Coders Into Open Source

Larry Wall Unveils Perl 6.0.0

Ubuntu Plans To Make ZFS File-System Support Standard On Linux

Verizon Is Merging Its Cellphone Tracking Supercookie with AOL's Ad Tracking Network

Porsche Chooses Apple Over Google Because Google Wants Too Much Data

Scandal Erupts In Unregulated Online World of Fantasy Sports

Team Constructs Silicon 2-qubit Gate, Enabling Construction of Quantum Computers

Cold Fusion Rears Ugly Head With Claims of Deuterium-Powered Homes

Worries Mount Over Upcoming LTE-U Deployments Hurting Wi-Fi

Matthew Garrett Forks the Linux Kernel

From Microsoft, HoloLens VR Dev Kit, New Phones, Continuum

International Exploit Kit Angler Thwarted By Cisco Security Team

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The Register

The Register CSC in US$300m Australian services slurp

Hillary 'spear fish' more 'drag net' flung to 11,000 others in one day

Robin flies into storage aviary: Will it soar, or is it just winging it?

Sysadmins can forget PC management skills, says Microsoft

Swedish govt appeals court decision guarding domain

Shutterbug drone biz fined $1.9m for buzzing New York City, Chicago

Google .supplies .cheap web .properties with 90 top-level .domains to .world via .partners

Vulture-branded LYCRA can be yours, if you're feeling charitable

Meego, webOS, Sailfish OS, and now Firefox OS: Ex-Nokia man Jaaksi joins Mozilla

Microsoft updates Band semi-smartwatch for fitness fanatics

AD-NNIHILATION: Apple-approved iOS tool blocks ALL ads in apps, Safari, Apple News

Netflix launch brings Australia's biggest ever download deluge

Worker drones don't need PCs says Microsoft, give 'em phones instead

Sony prepares to lop off semiconductor biz

Surface Book: Microsoft to turn unsuccessful tab into unsuccessful laptop

White House 'deeply disappointed' by Europe outlawing Silicon Valley

Cisco hooks Angler Exploit Kit infrastructure

US Cyber Command floats $460m contract to outsource most of itself

Rackspace turns into a fanatical AWS cloud-flinger

Teenage backup biz Code42 gets cash bonanza

Microsoft's HoloLens: Here by 2016, mere three THOUSAND dollar price

Safe harbour ruling: RELAX, Facebook and Google will be FINE!

Phone thieves to face harsher penalties for data theft

Miss Brittany dethroned for posting 'nude' Facebook pics

Edward Snowden denies making a deal with the Russian secret service

THIS is MASSIVE! Less-Masslessness neutrino boffins bag Physics Nobel

Oracle swaps around its licence police bods' top ranks

Silicon Valley now 'illegal' in Europe: Why Schrems vs Facebook is such a biggie

'One Windows' crunch time: Microsoft tempts with glittery new devices

TERROR in the Chernobyl DEAD ZONE: LIFE - of a WILD kind - BURGEONS

Rights groups: Darn you Facebook with your 'government names'

EU flings cash from €80bn pot at Seagate-led HPC storage project

French hacks go after new surveillance law … with the help of the ECHR

GCHQ's exploding doughnut threatens to ooze into innocent field

Google Chromecast 2015: Puck-on-a-string fun ... why not, for £30?

Safe Harbour ruled INVALID: Facebook 'n' pals' data slurp at risk

If the Internet of Things scares you now: Cisco's CEO is bent on hooking up robots, EVERYTHING

Avast antivirus hole patched after public Project Zero slap

GCHQ's SMURF ARMY can hack smartphones, says Snowden. Again.

Potent OWA backdoor scores 11,000 corporate creds from single biz

GENUINE STARSHIP as used by PRINCESS LEIA sold for just $450k

Cisco reforms its security disclosure process

NoSQL pioneer Basho stamps its mark on time stamp data with Riak TS

Linux kernel dev who asked Linus Torvalds to stop verbal abuse quits over verbal abuse

Quantum Pentium appears on the horizon

Google bugle sounds patch release for Android Stagefright 2.0

If you wanted Windows 10, it looks like you've already installed it

Fast, wireless access to Tor? Just maybe

Chocolate Factory plops Marshmallow on Android slabs

Cisco Australia bumps prices by 12.83 per cent, for second time this year

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BBC News - UK

BBC News - UK PM to promise 200,000 'starter homes'

Syria threat to global security - Blair

Police criticise Panorama broadcast

Councils reject 1 in 3 for care

Murder arrests over PC road death

Shoreham 'selfie' officers quit posts

Bodies of man and woman found at house

Rape trial suicide prompts victim pilot

Gang clashes prompt 43 arrests

'Courage' of drinks policy praised

Argos in same-day delivery push

Inmate finds BB gun and bullet in sheet

Pie makers square up over naming rights

Uri Geller spoon statue unveiled

Republican Murphy denies tax charges

87 jobs created at engineering firm

Inquests for 'abuse' homes deaths

Teacher let pupils 'correct' results

Call for watchdog to investigate MP

Davidson in plea to 'No' voters

Footballer's mother killed in Hajj crush

Goodyear to definitely shut factory

Liverpool close to appointing Klopp

Canada 15-17 Romania

'I was inspired by Gerrard's book'

May pledges asylum rules reform

Immigration policy hasn't worked - PM

PM 'could intervene' over Saudi case

VIDEO: Home Affairs Committee

VIDEO: Church inquiry into abuse 'cover up'

VIDEO: Britain's canals: A bird's eye view

VIDEO: The inflatable tube saving lives

VIDEO: Air pollution - the 'invisible hazard'

VIDEO: Changing the face of Harry Potter

VIDEO: Boris's 'hooker' joke draws laughs

VIDEO: PM wants new crack down on truancy

VIDEO: 'Lad culture: it stops here'

The billion-dollar ex-council flat

What's the truth about the VIP 'paedophile ring'?

How disabled people trained in factories

Great British Bake Off: Meet the finalists

UK ending aid to India: Where does the money go?

In pictures: Bowling pavilions

Are older bus drivers unusual?

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Open Invention Network Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

Security updates for Tuesday

The 2015 Linux Foundation Technical Advisory Board elections

Android 6.0 Marshmallow, thoroughly reviewed (Ars Technica)

Security advisories for Monday

Sharp: Closing a door

The Real-Time Linux Collaborative Project

Kernel prepatch 4.3-rc4

Stable kernels 4.2.3 and 4.1.10

Ad-blocking extension AdBlock sold to new owner

Friday's security updates

GNOME’s 2014 Fiscal Year Annual Report Published

Qubes OS 3.0 released

Stable kernels 3.14.54 and 3.10.90

FSF, Conservancy publish principles for community-oriented GPL enforcement

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