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Slashdot A Look at the Amount of Time Smartphone Vendors Have Taken To Roll out Major Android Updates To Their Handsets, and How Things Are Beginning To Improve

Oracle Systematically Underpaid Thousands of Women, Lawsuit Says

Tron's CEO Wants To Use Blockchain Games and BitTorrent To Decentralize the Internet

Ask Slashdot: Why Are Scientists Constantly Surprised By What They Discover?

Google Criticized Over Its Handling of the End of Google+

Is California's PG&E The First Climate Change Bankruptcy?

Mark Zuckerberg's Mentor 'Shocked and Disappointed' -- But He Has a Plan

Are You Ready For DNS Flag Day?

Venezuela's Government Blocks Access To Wikipedia

Is US Surveillance Technology Propping Up Authoritarian Regimes?

'I Got Death Threats For Writing a Bad Review of Aquaman'

Larry Lessig Will Headline Friday's 'Grand Re-opening of the Public Domain' Event

GitHub Seeks Feedback on 'Open Source Sustainability'

Rust 1.32.0 Stable Release Includes New Debugging Macro, 'Quality of Life' Improvements

Red Hat Rejects MongoDB's 'Discriminatory' Server Side Public License

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