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Slashdot Ghostcat Bug Impacts All Apache Tomcat Versions Released in the Last 13 Years

FCC Proposes Hefty Fines To Carriers for Not Protecting Consumer Location Data

Microsoft's Cortana Drops Consumer Skills as it Refocuses on Business Users

When AI Can't Replace a Worker, It Watches Them Instead

Telescopes Detect 'Biggest Explosion Since Big Bang'

FCC Approves Plan To Pay Satellite Companies To Give Up Airwaves

Google's Black Box Algorithm Controls Which Political Emails Land in Your Main Inbox

IBM and Microsoft Sign Vatican Pledge For Ethical AI

Apple Has Blocked Clearview AI's iPhone App for Violating Its Rules

WHO Raises Coronavirus Threat Assessment To Its Highest Level

Freeman Dyson, Visionary Technologist, Is Dead at 96

Senate Unanimously Approves Bill To Ban Purchase of Huawei Equipment With Federal Funds

Bernie Sanders Has an Audacious -- and Hugely Expensive -- Climate Plan

Printing's Not Dead: The $35 Billion Fight Over Ink Cartridges

Global Stocks Plummet Again in Worst Week Since 2008 Financial Crisis

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