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Slashdot Search is on For Cobalt-Free Batteries As Metal Gets Increasingly Rare and Expensive

Supreme Court Rules States Can Require Online Retailers To Collect Sales Tax

The US Startup Is Disappearing

The Man Who Was Fired By a Machine

Nvidia Appears To Have A GPU Inventory Problem

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich Resigns Over Relationship With Employee

Mature Fish Are Found In Deeper Water Because of Humans

Instagram Allows Longer Videos In Challenge To YouTube

Spacecraft Hayabusa2 Returns Photos of Asteroid Prior To Contact

Facebook Will Harass You Mercilessly If You Try To Break Up

Humans Can Now Correct Robots With Brainwaves

US Lawmakers Want Google To Reconsider Links To China's Huawei

People's Egos Get Bigger After Meditation and Yoga, Says Study

Democrat With Financial Ties To AT&T Guts California's Net Neutrality Law

Facebook Groups May Soon Charge Monthly Subscription Fees For Access

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The Register

The Register Fujitsu kicks off field trials for post-K exascale computing processor

Brit reseller Aria PC's appeal against HMRC VAT fraud finding gets under way

WannaCry is back! (Psych. It's just phisher folk doing what they do)

Accountants HATE them: Microsoft's Xbox harnesses blockchain to pay games publishers

By gum, that's chewy: Samsung's NF1 fattens M.2 card capacity with wider gumstick format

Serverless Computing London: Last chance to grab blind bird tickets

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich quits biz after fling with coworker rumbled

BlackBerry CEO: We need help from the channel to grow

Micron: Hot DRAM, we're still shifting piles of kit, but somebody's missing our XPoint

Test Systems Better, IBM tells UK IT meltdown bank TSB

Dixons Carphone profits drop 24% amid hack 'n' high street struggles

Israel cyberczar drops hints about country's new security initiative

Qumulo tries to SoC it to nearline with Xeon D integrated systems

How a tax form kludge gifted the world 25 joyous years of PDF

Please tighten your passwords and assume the brace position, says plane-tracking site

Atari accuses El Reg of professional trolling and making stuff up. Welp, here's the interview tape for you to decide...

VMware set to reveal blockchain, better app store, new AWS client

NASA eggheads draw up blueprints for spotting, surviving asteroid hits

Microsoft open-sources UI Recorder tool for Windows 10 developers

HPE: You want full-blown enterprise software on our Edge boxes? You got it

Cisco passes around antidotes to noxious NX-OS code execution bugs

Mate, have a Flutter on the Darts: Google's mobe app toolkit for Fuchsia, others emerges

Are your IoT gizmos, music boxes, smart home kit vulnerable to DNS rebinding attacks? Here's how to check

IBM’s McAfee-as-a-service cloudy antivirus wobbled for nearly a day

Script kiddie goes from 'Bitcoin Baron' to 'Lockup Lodger' after DDoSing 911 systems

You've seen the hype. Now you're curious. Why not have a crack at AI using this online lab...

Microsoft Edge bug odyssey shows why we can't have nice things

Tesla fingers former Gigafactory hand as alleged blueprint-leaking sabotage mastermind

Private sector needs a little sumthin' sumthin' to get it sharing threat intel – US security chap

WD's Purple reign continues: 12TB helium disks for vid spy tech

Microsoft CEO wades into ICE outcry: Cool it, we only do legacy mail

Did you have locking down AI and blockchain as possible Intel SGX uses? If so, congrats...

Microsoft: Blobs can be WORMs in the new, regs-compliant Azure

Teradata lobs sueball at SAP, alleges HANA based on its 'trade secrets'

JURI's out, Euro copyright votes in: Whoa, did the EU just 'break the internet'?

Who dares wins, they say, so Toshiba's SAS drive plans another hit on SATA

MSDN unleashes a fresh round of unintentional innuendo bingo

EU negotiator: Crucial data adequacy deal will wait until UK hands in homework

Priceless: The cost to BT for bothering you with spam? 1.5 UK pence per email

Shared, not stirred: GCHQ chief says Europe needs British spies

Azure admins free to sync their teeth into database-spreader tool

A pretty and helpful user interface? Nahhh. Is that really you, Samsung?

New Elastifile CEO: Is taking on Amazon's EFS really such a stretch?

Hot new application for blockchain: How does botnet control sound?

AI-on-demand as Google Cloud TPUs are rentable for a few bucks a hour

OpenBSD disables Intel’s hyper-threading over CPU data leak fears

An AI a day keeps the doctor away... Neural net software gets better at clocking cancer tumors

Mellanox flushes three directors at behest of activist investor

(Cryptographically) sign me up! Android to take bad app checks offline

New Windows Server preview ships with an AI crystal ball

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