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Slashdot Kansas Towns 'Rebel' Against Zuckerberg-Funded School Programs

The Incredibly Stupid Plot To Hijack a Domain By Breaking Into Its Owner's House With A Gun

Are We Sacrificing Too Much For Automation?

Why Modern C++ Still Isn't As Safe As Memory-Safe Languages Like Rust and Swift

Black Hole Photo Used Supercomputers and Cloud Computing To Prove Einstein Right

Red Hat Takes Over Maintenance of OpenJDK 8 and OpenJDK 11 From Oracle

Bluecherry Open Sources Its Entire Linux Surveillance Server

Linux 5.2 Will Introduce The Fieldbus Subsystem

Historic 'Summit' with the Creators of Python, Java, TypeScript, and Perl

More Than 23 Million People Use the Password '123456'

Southwest Airlines Says They'll Purchase 'Hundreds' More Boeing 737 Max Aircraft

Fortnite World Cup: More than 1,200 Accounts Banned For Cheating

How Facebook Mis-Captioned the Launch of a NASA Supply Rocket

A Secret Server For the Dead MMO 'City of Heroes' Has Players In an Uproar

Did Google Sabotage Firefox and IE?

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