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Slashdot Print-On-Demand Bone Could Quickly Mend Major Injuries

New California Law Allows Test of Autonomous Shuttle With No Driver

Facebook 'Messenger Day' Is the Chat App's New Snapchat Stories Clone

New US 'Secret' Clearance Unit Hires Firm Linked To 2014 Hacks

USB-IF Publishes Audio Over USB Type-C Specifications

Newsweek Website Attacked After Report On Trump, Cuban Embargo

Researchers Ask Federal Court To Unseal Years of Surveillance Records

Yahoo Open Sources a Deep Learning Model For Classifying Pornographic Images

Amazon Marketplace Shoppers Slam the Spam

Salesforce Pushes Regulators To Block Microsoft's LinkedIn Deal

The Smog-Sucking Tower Has Arrived in China

Hack iOS 10, Get $1.5 Million

Chromification Continues: Firefox May Use Chrome's PDF and Flash Plugins

Author Says Going Offline For 24 Hours a Week Has Significantly Improved His Health, Sanity and Happiness

Saudi Arabian Teen Arrested For Online Videos With American Blogger

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The Register

The Register Firefox to doctor Pepper so it can run Chrome's PDF, Flash plugins

How to steal the mind of an AI: Machine-learning models vulnerable to reverse engineering

Criticize Donald Trump, get your site smashed offline from Russia

Ludicrous Patent of the Week: Rectangles on a computer screen

Crypto guru Matt Green asks courts for DMCA force field so he can safely write a textbook

FCC keeps secret Google TV landgrab under wraps forever

Internet handover is go-go-go! ICANN to take IANA from US govt

Apple's Breaxit scandal: Frenchman smashes up €50,000 of iThings with his big metal balls

Google, Facebook etc rush to defend US govt in last-minute ICANN internet takeover lawsuit

No surprise: Microsoft seeks Windows Update boss with 'ability to reduce chaos, stress'

Yahoo! couldn't! detect! hackers! in! its! network! but! can! spot! NSFW! smut! in! your! office?

Upstart bags $2.5m to help put the brakes on self-driving car hackers

Ex-army sergeant pleads guilty to using private browsing mode

Quadsys Five walk free after hacking rival company

[NSFW] Blighty's telly, radio watchdog Ofcom does a swear

SETI's mega alien hunt shovels more data onto IBM's cloud

Dirty diesel backups will make Hinkley Point C look like a bargain

Microsoft boasts its cloudy Hadoop big data mill's faster than yours

Telcos hit out against plans to hike their broadband rates

Tiery-eyed NetApp previews on-prem storage and cloud tie-up

NHS trusts ‘complacent’ on cloud app security risks

EU's YouTube filter plan was revised '37 times'

Portsmouth bomb about to be detonated

Dublin shopkeeper catches forecourt fouler with his pants down

One-way Martian ticket: Pick passengers for Musk's first Mars pioneer squad

Got a great IOT story to tell? You have a week to let us know

What’s that Sooty? You want a girlfriend?

Business to be given more scope to quit crap broadband contracts

Rosetta spacecraft set for smash landing

Amazon: Students, we'll give you $2.5m for a chat-up, AI?

Invasion of the Brandsnatchers: How Nokia and BlackBerry inhabit the afterlife

My moment face-to-face with Google's AI: It feels your pain, sometimes

Big data and the cloud: It's not even that scary

Robo-boat biz ASV inks licence for auto-speedboat tech

Panasonic wants you to wear Li-Ion batteries. The ones that explode

Google finds its G Suite spot: Renames apps, talks up AI and BigQuery

Top interview: Dr Patrick McCarthy – boss of the world's future largest optical telescope

Curiosity sniffs Mars' odd atmosphere wafting out of its soil

Security analyst says Yahoo!, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Tumblr all popped by same gang

Termination fees for terminated people now against the law

User couldn't open documents or turn on PC, still asked for reference as IT expert

Salesforce asks Europe to stop Microsoft buying LinkedIn after itself trying to buy LinkedIn

Microsoft will let you pass and fail cert exams at the same time

Tokyo man arrested for selling jailbroken iPhones

Want to make US$1.5m this weekend? Just jailbreak iOS

Google announces eight new cloud regions, new support model

Oracle loses (again) in battle to get Google Java case retried (again)

Ladies in tech, have you considered not letting us know you're female?

'Syrian Electronic Army' goon extradited from Germany now coughs to hacking, extortion

Four US states demand restraining order to stop internet power handover to ICANN

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