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The Register

The Register Robots will enable a sustainable grey economy

NATO: 'Cyber' is a military domain

Astroboffins dig into the weird backwards orbit of the Bee-Zed asteroid

Azure blues: Active Directory Connect has password reset vuln

O Rly? O'Reilly exits direct book sales

Australian regulator will decide if Uber drivers are staff or contractors

Five-eyes nations want comms providers to bust crypto for them

Don't panic, but Linux's Systemd can be pwned via an evil DNS query

Murderous Uber driver 'attacked passenger and the app biz did nothing. Then he raped me'

America throws down gauntlet: Accept extra security checks or don't carry laptops on flights

US trade watchdog boss goes all Kendrick Lamar on self-driving cars

Modern Micron maestro Mehrotra marches merrily, maintains megahit masterplan

Kaspersky Lab US staff grilled by Feds in nighttime swoop

Virus (cough, cough, Petya) goes postal at FedEx, shares halted

Search results suddenly missing from Google? Well, BLAME CANADA!

Toshiba, Western Digital put away lawyers long enough to play 96-layer 3D NAND game of Jenga

Four Brits cuffed in multimillion-quid Windows tech support call scam probe

Rackspace shoves Splunk in its data trunk

Atlantis Computing in urgent refinancing talks

What is the enterprise cloud?

Toshiba sues WDC for a cool billion bucks

123-reg resolves secure database access snafu

A minister for GDS? Don't talk digital pony

Intel launches 64-layer 3D flash client SSD

Speaking in Tech: Yes, they advised me to turn my phone off...

AWS Summit London queues caused by security, not snafu

Dixons Carphone stirs PC Curry, reports 10% profit gravy

Met Police laggards still have 18,000 Windows XP machines in use

Looking for an Ubuntu Unity close cousin? Elementary, my dear...

Facebook's whitebox-all-the-network-things TIP project flexes tentacles

Facebook hit two billion users today and SugarCRM reminded us you are Zuck's product

Tanks for the memories: Building a post-Microsoft Office cloud suite

VMware prepping NSX-as-a-service running from the public cloud

'Bio-hacker' embeds public transport ticket under his skin

Ride-snare: Lyft ruse helps cops cuff suspect in tech CEO murder case

Amadeus airline booking system TITSUP and it's not ransomware

Microsoft brings caregiver leave home to US, plans to finish global rollout soon

Everything you need to know about the Petya, er, NotPetya nasty trashing PCs worldwide

A good time Woz had by all: We peeked our head into Primary Data and this is what we saw

Mozilla dev and Curl inventor Daniel Stenberg denied travel to USA

Hot news! Combustible Galaxy Note 7 to return as 'Galaxy Note FE'

Ever wondered why the universe only has black holes in S or XXXL? No? Boffins have an answer

Blunder down under: self-driving Aussie cars still being thwarted by kangaroos

Costly, under-featured MyGov is just fine, says Oz national auditor

See you in 2023 – Bitcoin exchange bigwig gets 66 months in the slammer

Koh-no! Silicon Lucy blocks Qualcomm from wriggling out of FTC's chip monopoly trial

Big Blue lures big biz object storage teams with VersaStack, COS

Pwned UK SME fined £60K for leaving itself vulnerable to hack attack

50th anniversary of the ATM opens debate about mobile payments

Huge ransomware outbreak spreads in Ukraine and beyond

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