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Slashdot How the Voyager Golden Record Was Made

Apple Looks For Exceptional Engineer With a Secret Job Posting

The Windows App Store is Full of Pirate Streaming Apps

Microsoft Speech Recognition Now As Accurate As Professional Transcribers

Elon Musk Backs Call For A Global Ban On Killer Robots

Plex Responds, Will Allow Users To Opt Out Of Data Collection

Ask Slashdot: How Can You Teach Programming To Schoolchildren?

Alleged Yahoo Hacker Will Be Extradited To The US

50,000 Users Test New Anti-Censorship Tool TapDance

Bug In Lowe's Site Sold Goods For Free. Couple Arrested For Exploiting It

FBI Accepts New Evidence in 46-Year-Old D.B. Cooper Case

Red Hat Gives Ceylon To The Eclipse Foundation

'Wing Commander' Music Composer Runs Kickstarter Campaign

Researchers Win $100,000 For New Spear-Phishing Detection Method

Jonathan Coulton's New Dystopian Album Becomes a Graphic Novel

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The Register

The Register Intel stuffs extra cores into latest mobile Series U Core i5 and i7 chips

How offsite solutions can complement NAS setups

British snoops at GCHQ knew FBI was going to arrest Marcus Hutchins

The sky is blue, water is wet and UK PC shipments are down

NVMe? You should. Mangstor hauls in $7.1m for array development shop to treat online abuse as seriously as IRL hate crime

Energy firm slapped with £50k fine for making 1.5 million nuisance calls

How are you improving software development and deployment?

The rice of cloud, avocado of virtualization and salmon of doubt: Let's eat storage sushi

75 years ago, one Allied radar techie changed the course of WW2

HPE memory options rising by double digits... from today

LG schtum over whether Europeans can get the powerhouse phablet V30

NVMe fabrics could shuffle traditional arrays off to the graveyard

Fujitsu's Australian cloud suffers storage crash, outage

Mirai copycats fired the IoT-cannon at game hosts, researchers find

Voyager antenna operator: 'I was the first human to see images from Neptune'

Facebook won't change React.js license despite Apache developer pain

Foxit PDF Reader is well and truly foxed up, but vendor won't patch

Elon Musk among 116 AI types calling on UN to nobble robo-weapons before they go all Skynet

Qualcomm slurps Uni of Amsterdam AI spinoff Scyfer

GitHub's CEO resigns. Again. Without scandal, after fixing messes

Trump upgrades Cyber Command, may sideline NSA in future

Bitcoin-accepting sites leave cookie trail that crumbles anonymity

Daily Stormer booted off internet again, this time by Namecheap

Qualcomm moved its Snapdragon designers to its ARM server chip. We peek at the results

US DoD, Brit ISP BT reverse proxies can be abused to frisk internal systems – researcher

No, the cops can't get a search warrant to just seize all devices in sight – US appeals court

Wisconsin advances $3bn bribe incentives package for Foxconn

Sorry, but those huge walls of terms and conditions you never read are legally binding

Berkeley boffins build better spear-phishing black-box bruiser

FTC wants AT&T to kick in $4bn to help balance US budget. Why? Some dodgy ads or something

Microsoft president exits US govt's digital advisory board as tech leaders quit over Trump

Oracle caves, promises to crack open Java EE as v8 crawls ever closer

NetApp swallows Icelandic cloud management software biz

So long and thanks for all the phish: Red teams need to be smarter now

Q: How many drones are we bombing ISIS with? A: That's secret, mmkay

Atari shoots sueball at KitKat maker over use of 'Breakout' in ad

Last FalconStor CEO survived just six weeks before being replaced

What weighs 800kg and runs Windows XP? How to buy an ATM for fun and profit

So, Nokia. What makes you think the world wants your phones?

Drive-thru drive-by at McDs after ice cream no-show, say cops

Why does the market care so much about Cisco's security biz?

British Airways waves Bing dong: At least it's not a tech cockup is hiring IT bods with skills in ... Windows Vista?!

Software definer wants you to befriend the 'BFC', do a bit of 'reverse virtualization'

Infosys CEO quits, citing 'untenable atmosphere' created by critics

Linux-loving lecturer 'lost' email, was actually confused by Outlook

Who wants multiple virtual workstations on a GPU in a blade server?

Lenovo expects data centre profits in two years, if it can fix China

Where there's smoke there's a Galaxy Note: Refurbished Model 4 batteries recalled

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