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The Register

The Register RIP John Glenn: First American in orbit – and later, the oldest, too

My name's Jeff B and I'm here to say: Canada's getting an AWS region around the way

Oi, you, no flirting, no touching in the back of our rides, sniffs Uber

Latest loon for Trump's cabinet: Young-blood-loving, kidney-market advocate Jim O'Neill

Say bye-bye to net neutrality next year, gloats FCC commish Pai

HBO slaps takedown demand on 13-year-old girl's painting because it used 'Winter is coming'

For God's sake, stop trying to make Microsoft Bob a thing. It's over

Real deal: Hackers steal steelmaker trade secrets

If your Xmas party expenses left you with a hangover, you should see Dell's spending

Trend Micro AV nukes innocent Sharepoint code, admins despair

Revamped Cortana finally lands on UK mobe mass market

US Congress seeks small claims track for copyright claims

China is building a full scale replica of the Titanic to repeatedly crash into iceberg

Earth days are getting longer – by 1.8 milliseconds per century

Who killed Pebble? Easy: The vulture capitalists

Reg readers vent their frustrations with AFA vendors

US commission whistles to FIDO: Help end ID-based hacks by 2021

Capita: 2,250 jobs cut, more offshoring, more robots... Merry Xmas!

Mirai variant turns TalkTalk routers into zombie botnet agents

90 per cent of the UK's NHS is STILL relying on Windows XP

Huawei says its NVMe arrays with NVMe drives will be out in 2017

Shared services centres flop: Only one department uses them

WDC loads its belt-fed drive cannon, blasts out disks 'n' cards galore

Brits think broadband more important than mobes, cars or savings

Huawei Nova: A pleasant surprise in a 5in phone

Can ISPs step up and solve the DDoS problem?

So. A new tech upstart wants 'feedback'. Um, maybe it actually does

Playtime's over: Internet-connected kids toys 'fail miserably' at privacy

Stealing, scamming, bluffing: El Reg rides along with pen-testing 'red team hackers'

Silver screen script hacker and dox douche gets 5 years in US cooler

Need Xmas ideas? Try CVE-2015-7645, a Flash gift that keeps on giving

Guess King Battistelli's plan to fix the Euro Patent Office. Yep, give himself more power

Masterful malvertisers pwn Channel 9, Sky, MSN in stealth attacks

AMD virty encryption not quite there, claim boffins

Patience is SpaceX's latest virtue

Xen 4.8 debuts, gives ARM servers vendors a reason to hope

Qualcomm, Microsoft plot ARM Snapdragon-powered Windows 10 PCs, tablets, phones

Santa says you've been nice kids: OpenVPN to get security audit

How DDN benefits from Japan quake anxiety

Work ends on Open Virtualisation Format

Body cams too fragile for Canadian Mounties – so they won't be used

Sigh... 'Hundreds of thousands' of... sigh, web CCTV cams still at risk of... sigh, hijacking

Could this be you? Really Offensive Security Engineer sought by Facebook

Oz gummint's 'open government' strategy arrives at last

NASA spunks $127m on SSL-powered robot to refuel satellites in space

$17k win for man falsely accused of a terrible crime: Downloading an Adam Sandler movie

Don't have a Dirty COW, man: Android gets full kernel hijack patch

Fitbit picks up Pebble, throws Pebble as far as it can into the sea

Crims turn to phishing-as-a-service to slash costs and max profits

Speaking in Tech: Did an open source guru just ask us to join Amazon?

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