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Slashdot 1.7 Million People Live for a Week on 100% Renewable Energy

Decades of Research: the Story of How mRNA Vaccines Were Developed

Do CS Teachers Need To Know CS?

Law Enforcement Agencies Recruit Rare People Who are 'Super-Recognizers' of Faces

Pine64's 'PineNote' E-Ink Tablet Now Available for $399 for Developers

Pine64's Newest Linux Smartphone 'PinePhone Pro Explorer Edition' Now Available for Pre-Order

Angry Gamers Have Scared Some Game Companies Away From NFTs

Host of Youtube-dl Web Site Sued by Major Record Labels

The World Was Cooler In 2021 Than 2020. That's Not Good News.

Are We Getting Closer to the Year of the Linux Desktop?

GitHub Restores Account of Developer Who Intentionally Corrupted His Libraries

To Study Navigation, Researchers Taught Six Goldfish How to Drive

$1.7 Billion in Student Loan Debt Cancelled for 66,000 Borrowers

After Gates Allegations, Microsoft Opens a Review of Its Sexual Harassment Policies

Giant Lasers Simulate Exoplanet Cores, Prove They're More Likely to Have Life

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