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Slashdot Why Car Salesmen Don't Want To Sell Electric Cars

Scientists Produce Graphene 100 Times Cheaper Than Ever Before

Insurer Refuses To Cover Cox In Massive Piracy Lawsuit

New Wearable Tech Translates Sign Language Into Text

This Gizmo Knows Your Amex Card Number Before You've Received It

Will You Be Able To Run a Modern Desktop Environment In 2016 Without Systemd?

The Quest For the Ultimate Vacuum Tube

Neil deGrasse Tyson Touches Off Debate With Remarks On Commercial Space

What Is the Future of the Television?

KGB Software Almost Triggered War In 1983

Even the Dumbest Ransomware Is Almost Unremovable On Smart TVs

Engineers Nine Times More Likely Than Expected To Become Terrorists

Another Giant xkcd Comics Experiment

AMD's 'Crimson' Driver Software Released

Dark Matter Grows Hair Around Stars and Planets

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The Register

The Register Nest defends web CCTV Cam amid unstoppable 24/7 surveillance fears

Nominet to hike price of UK web domains by 50%

Samsung yanks plug out of rumors of networking biz sell-off

Finding security bugs on the road to creating a verifiably secure TLS lib

HP Enterprise and Azure sitting in a tree, p-a-r-t-n-e-r-i-n-g

Fingers crossed tomorrow morning for Telecity's third repair shot

VMware lawsuit fallout causes funding issues for GPL lobby group

IOCCO: Police 'reckless' for using terrorism powers on journo sources

Plusnet ignores GCHQ, spits out plaintext passwords to customers

Dell-EMC deal difficulties: VMware and daddy postpone roadtrip

Thin-lipped chancellor tight-lipped on contractor-nudge-onto-payroll plan

Spending Review: GDS gets £450m, Cabinet Office budget slashed

Speaking in Tech: Is Dell's EMC acquisition doomed, or just too big to fail?

UK gov sinks £25k into Pi-powered cyberdesk

Android Studio 2.0 preview gives developers instant preview of code changes

Sales, share price sink for HP Inc – but it's relative glee for HPE

Brocade wrings profits from a steady-as-she-goes business

Hilton confirms hotel credit-card-snaffling sales till malware hit

Eclipse staggers to feet, gets smacked by second DDoS

[NSFW] Thai women drugged punters 'with Xanax-spiked nipples' – cops

Telecity fails with car park net rescue plan. In fact, things got worse. Again

Google says it tried to preempt EU antitrust probe. That worked well

Microsoft Windows: The Next 30 Years

Grow up, judge tells EFF: You’re worse than a complaining child

Why Microsoft yanked its latest Windows 10 update download: It hijacked privacy settings

EMC mess sends New Zealand University TITSUP for two days

Cartoon brings proper tech-talk to telly

Mincing Nokia's factories made Microsoft a sausage factory

Hacker predicts AMEX card numbers, bypasses chip and PIN

Second Dell backdoor root cert found

Amazon resets account passwords feared compromised – report

Tor Project: Anonymity ain't free, folks. Pony up

Dell computers bundled with backdoor that blurts hardware fingerprint to websites

Fifth arrest in TalkTalk hacking probe: Now Plod cuff chap in Wales

Cyber-terror: How real is the threat? Squirrels are more of a danger

Kim Dotcom slams 'dirty ugly bully' Uncle Sam as extradition hearing ends

Ex-IT staff claim Disney fired them then gave their jobs H1-B peeps

NetApp, now much more object storage than you’d think

Suck it, Elon – Jeff Bezos' New Shepard space rocket blasts off, lands in one piece

Video malvertising campaign lasted 12 hours? Try two months

Uber wants UK gov intervention over TfL’s '5-minute wait' rule

Lenovo grabs HP Inc exec to run EMEA product and channel teams

What do you need to deliver next-gen Enterprise applications?

TV broadcast vans drive ESA from Perth

A font farewell to Fontdeck as website service closes

'Hypocritical' Europe is just as bad as the USA for data protection

Systemax: Shuttering our North America Tech Group may cost $55m ditches PHP for Calypso JavaScript beat

El Reg unchains the Vulture Velo cycling jersey

Randall Munroe spoke to The Reg again. We're habit-forming that way

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BBC News - UK

BBC News - UK Osborne U-turn over tax credit cuts

Police budgets protected by chancellor

Junior doctor dispute to go to Acas

Network Rail sell-off to fund upgrades

Ex-Tory MP Tim Yeo loses libel bid

Student death police hold rape suspect

Muslim woman governor chose to sit apart

Malayan killings families lose appeal

Jury retires in 'knives terror' case

Religious studies GCSE 'error of law'

Murder arrests over boy's street death

Cult escape 'inspired by Harry Potter'

'Santa's giant pants' in festive display

Driver's seat was plastic garden chair

Manchester United 0-0 PSV

UK Sport given 29% funding increase

Trump overcomes illness to advance

At-a-glance: Spending Review key points

McDonnell quotes Mao in Osborne attack

Public finances better off by £27bn

Osborne's U-turn and 'end of austerity'

VIDEO: Spending Review - in 60 seconds

VIDEO: Meet 'Britain's best bus driver'

VIDEO: Giant green 'pants' light up Tiverton

VIDEO: 'Take up yoga', noisy MP told by Speaker

VIDEO: Schoolgirl changes 'sexist' syllabus

VIDEO: Free cardboard beds for homeless

VIDEO: Fighting FGM - 'I felt my flesh being cut'

VIDEO: Glastonbury monks 'perpetuated myths'

The trouble with saying you don't want children

The lucky chancellor

The fall and rise of Liverpool docks

Who wrote these 10 book quotes?

Argument over BBC control rumbles on

British Muslims react to report about their 'sympathy' for IS

Rolls-Royce warns Osborne over cuts to research support

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Software Freedom Conservancy Launches 2015 Fundraiser

Security advisories for Wednesday

[$] A journal for MD/RAID5

Security updates for Tuesday

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2

Security advisories for Monday

Gräßlin: Looking at the security of Plasma/Wayland

GIMP is 20 Years Old, What’s Next? (Libre Graphics World)

Kernel prepatch 4.4-rc2

Poettering: Introducing sd-event

Friday's security updates

Garrett: If it's not practical to redistribute free software, it's not free software in practice

Pitivi 0.95 released

Detectify: Chrome Extensions – AKA Total Absence of Privacy

Nmap 7 released

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