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Slashdot Silicon Valley Singles Are Giving Up On the Algorithms of Love

Deep Neural Networks for Bot Detection

Facebook Admits SMS Notifications Sent Using Two-Factor Number Was Caused by Bug

Most Cities Would Welcome a Tech Billionaire, But Peter Thiel?

How Does Chinese Tech Stack Up Against American Tech?

LinkedIn Users Will Soon Know What Jobs Pay Before Applying for Them

YouTube Red is Having an Identity Crisis

Learning To Program Is Getting Harder

New Scanning Technique Reveals Secrets Behind Great Paintings

Pirates Crack Microsoft's UWP Protection, Five Layers of DRM Defeated

FreeBSD's New Code of Conduct

Twitter Kills Its Mac App

NBC Publishes 200,000 Tweets Tied To Russian Trolls

73 Percent of Fish In the Northwestern Atlantic Have Microplastics In Their Guts

Would You Fear Alien Life or Welcome It?

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The Register

The Register Global security crackdown, a host of code nasties, Brit cops mocked, and more

Reinforcement learning woes, robot doggos, Amazon's homegrown AI chips, and more

James Damore's labor complaint went over about as well as his trash diversity manifesto

Hands up who HASN'T sued Intel over Spectre, Meltdown chip flaws

Oi! Verizon leaked my fiancée's nude pix to her ex-coworker, says bloke

Vermont becomes fifth US state to boot up its own net neutrality rules

Kentucky gov: Violent video games, not guns, to blame for Florida school massacre

A computer file system shouldn't lose data, right? Tell that to Apple

Mueller bombshell: 13 Russian 'troll factory' staffers charged with allegedly meddling in US presidential election

Facebook told to stop stalking Belgians or face fines of €250k – a day

Qualcomm rejects Valentine's Day takeover love-in with Broadcom

PM urged to protect data flows post-Brexit ahead of Munich speech

Helicopter crashes after manoeuvres to 'avoid... DJI Phantom drone'

Say goodbye to a chunk of that sweet Aruba payout, hedgies – judge Psst. Belgium. Buy these Typhoon fighter jets from us, will you?

UK mobile customers face inflation-busting price hike

Judges dismisses majority of Cisco's 'insane' IP defence against Arista

Transport for London to toughen up on taxi firms in the Uber age

Chrome adblockalypse will 'accelerate Google-Facebook duopoly'

HomePod, you say? Sex sex sex, that's all you think about

Should AI get to choose a topping in a two pizza team?

Say HCI is an enhanced server. If you don't already sell 'em, it could be game over, man

Microsoft's System Center successor edges closer to Hawaii 1-0

Apple to devs: Code for the iPhone X or nothing from April onwards

If this laptop is so portable, where's the keyboard, huh? HUH?

Astro-boffinry world rocked to its very core: Shock as Andromeda found to be not much bigger than Milky Way

If you don't like what IBM is pitching, blame Watson: It's generating sales 'solutions' now

Ubuntu wants to slurp PCs' vital statistics – even location – with new desktop installs

Russians behind bars in US after nicking $300m+ in credit-card hacks

Techno-senator tells Tinder to hook up its app with better security

Oh sh-itcoin! Crypto-dosh swap-shop Coinbase empties punters' bank accounts

FCC inspector general sticks corruption probe into chairman Ajit Pai amid $4bn media merger

Former ICE top lawyer raided US govt database to steal aliens' identities

Top tip: Don't bother with Facebook's two-factor SMS auth – unless you love phone spam

When it absolutely, positively needs to be leaked overnight: 120k FedEx customer files spill from AWS S3 silo

Apple Macs, iThings, smart watches choke on tiny Indian delicacy

That terrifying 'unfixable' Microsoft Skype security flaw: THE TRUTH

Oracle slurps bot-wrangling security minnow Zenedge

Microsoft's Windows 10 Workstation adds killer feature: No Candy Crush

Dell EMC squashes pair of VMAX virtual appliance bugs

Charity accused of leaving sensitive notes behind after office move

Essex black hat behind Cryptex and reFUD gets two years behind bars

Arrrgh! Put down the crisps! 'Ultra-processed' foods linked to cancer!

BBC presenter loses appeal, must pay £420k in IR35 crackdown

Robot cars will kill London jobs – but only from 2030, say politicans

So... Nokia's taking a long, hard look at its health unit

Mobile phone dealer boss faces 12 years in director limbo

Iran: We have defeated evil nuclear-sensing Western lizards!

Home fibre in the UK sucks so much it doesn't even rank in Euro study

DevOps, Containers and CD: What happens when theory is put to the test?

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