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Slashdot Airline Fined For Sending 3.3 Million Unwanted Emails

Will VPNs Protect Your Privacy? It's Complicated

Trolling Will Get Worse Before it Gets Better, Study Says

Cisco Developing Standalone Networking OS, Report Says

UW Professor: The Information War Is Real, and We're Losing It

Ivanka Trump To Take Coding Class With 5-Year-Old Daughter

The Guardian Interviews Valentina Tereshkova, the First Woman In Space

Scientists Discover Way To Transmit Taste of Lemonade Over Internet

FCC To Halt Expansion of Broadband Subsidies For Poor People

Verizon To Force 'AppFlash' Spyware On Android Phones

Westinghouse Files For Bankruptcy, In Blow To Nuclear Power

Hobbyist Turns Nintendo 64 Console Into Nintendo Switch Dock

'Samsung Dex' Is a Galaxy S8 Dock That Turns Your Phone Into a Desktop

Jeff Bezos Is Now the World's Second Richest Person

Two Activists Who Secretly Recorded Planned Parenthood Face 15 Felony Charges

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The Register

The Register Financial fraud losses in the UK last year topped £20m a day – report

New plastic banknote plans now upsetting environmental campaigners

UK cops arrest 20-year-old on suspicion of blackmail and hacking

Ford to build own data centre to store connected car data

Security co-operation unlikely to change post Brexit, despite threats

IT contractors behind IR35 calculator to leave HMRC... because of IR35

Time to make up: Realtime collaboration comes to Excel

Continuous Lifecycle Workshops: Choose your preferred deep dive

Extreme Networks to splash $55m on Brocade's data centre biz

Robo-AI jobs doomsday may, er... not actually happen, say boffins

Thank Souq for that! Jeff Bezos now world's second richest

More fun in the sandbox: Experts praise security improvements to Edge

Ten bidders sniffing around Toshiba's memory biz – reports

Is Jassy just jazzing on AWS database migration numbers? Smells fishy...

BIG open-source love Microsoft and Google? You still won't catch AWS

Creators Update gives Windows 10 a bit of an Edge, but some old annoyances remain

Brocade baits its switch: Entry level kit to ID abnormal VM activity

UKFast opens trapdoor under prices, thumbs nose at AWS

Is that a Veeam in HPE's eye? IT giant may gobble backup biz

Encryp-xit: Europe will go all in for crypto backdoors in June

How about a nice game of ... Tetris? Oxford eggheads slow PTSD onset with classic game

How to leak data from an air-gapped PC – using, er, a humble scanner

Samizdat no more: Old Unix source code opened for study

Web-app devs note: Google wants to banish JavaScript dialogues

Kremlin-backed APT28 doesn't even bother hiding its attacks, says Finnish secret police

Hey FCC, when you're not busy screwing our privacy, how about those SS7 cell network security flaws, huh?

Russian mega-telco exec: 'No business case' for 5G

Recruiters considered really harmful: Devs on GitHub hit with booby-trapped fake job emails

nbn™ to offer 100Mbps fixed wireless service

Don't believe the hype: UK's £455m Government Digital Service lacks a clear role – fresh audit

Silicon Valley staffing agency boss charged with H‑1B visa fraud

Kiwi cable goes live, and it's nowhere near a volcano

Chinese giant ZTE slips off US export sh*tlist – and it only cost $900m

Bloke is paid to scour hashtags for threats, spots civil rights boss's tweets, gets fired, sues

Florida Man can't pause cycle on Samsung 'exploding' washing machine lawsuit

BDSM sex rocks Drupal world: Top dev banished for sci-fi hanky-panky

Samsung Galaxy S8: Slimmer bezels, a desktop mode – and yet another me-too AI pal

SimpliVity customers spurned by HPE welcomed into loving arms of Nutanix

VMware, Citrix to have a crack at desktops on docked smartphones

IBM: Those 2 redundancy schemes? We need to 'improve margins' and right quick

Windows 10 Creators Update: Clearing the mines with livestock (that's you by the way)

Strange Mirai botnet brew blamed for powerful application layer attack

Learn to use machine learning

Hertfordshire primary school girls prepare for World Robotics Champs

Avaya's $3.7m bankruptcy bonus plan slammed by watchdog

Speaking in Tech: Elon Musk and the AI apocalypse

Home Office accused of blocking UK public's scrutiny of Snoopers' Charter

One in five mobile phones shipped abroad are phoney – report

Virgin Media suspends 4 staff over misreporting connections

UK's 'homebrew firmware' Chinooks set to be usable a mere 16 years late

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