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Slashdot US Bill To Force Tech Giants To Tell Users How Much Their Data is Worth

Hackers Steal Data From Telcos in Espionage Campaign

New York City's Public Libraries to End Film Streaming Through Kanopy

Bernie Sanders Proposes Forgiving the Student Debt of 45 Million Americans

FedEx Sues US Government Over 'Impossible' Task of Policing Exports To China

Apple's Seattle Workforce Will Quintuple By 2024

SpaceX Successfully Launches Falcon Heavy Rocket With Two Flight-Proven Booster Cores

US Senators Want Social Media Firms To Tell Users How Much Their Data Is Worth

Google's New Media Literacy Program Teaches Kids How To Spot Disinformation, Fake News

Apple Cites Irrelevant Spotify Subscription Stats In New Antitrust Defense

Small Slug Blamed For Power Failure On Japan's High-Speed Rail Network

Scientists Discover a New Way To Provide Plants the Nutrients They Need To Thrive

Slashdot Asks: What Do You Do With Your Raspberry Pi?

German Regulator Says It Discovered New Illegal Software On Daimler Diesels

When Myspace Was King, Employees Abused a Tool Called 'Overlord' To Spy on Users

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