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Slashdot FBI Re-sends Alert About Supply Chain Attacks For the Third Time in Three Months

Zoom Meetings Aren't End-to-End Encrypted, Despite Misleading Marketing

Comcast Details What the Coronavirus Has Done To Network Traffic

Houseparty App Offers $1M Reward To Unmask Entity Behind Hacking Smear Campaign

Samsung Display To End All LCD Production By End 2020

Ford, GE To Produce 50,000 Ventilators In 100 Days

The ACM Digital Library Is Now Open Access During Coronavirus Pandemic

Authors, Publishers Condemn the 'National Emergency Library' As 'Piracy'

Dutch Museum Says Van Gogh Painting Stolen In Overnight Raid

Microsoft Reports a 775 Percent Increase In Usage of Azure Cloud Services

Valve Will Delay Some Steam Auto-Updates To Preserve Bandwidth

FDA Issues Limited Emergency Use For Two Drugs Used To Treat Malaria

Internet Pioneer Vint Cerf Tests Positive For Covid-19

LG Is Ditching 'G' Series Branding On Future Smartphones

Trump Administration, In Biggest Environmental Rollback, To Announce Auto Pollution Rules

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