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Slashdot Japan To Start Releasing Fukushima Water Into Sea In 2 Years

Human Taste Buds Can Tell the Difference Between Normal and 'Heavy' Water, Study Finds

Apple Working on Combined TV Box, Speaker to Revive Home Efforts

Intel CEO Calls for 'Moonshot' To Boost US Role in Chipmaking

Tesla Drastically Increases Price of Solar Roof

Charter Must Pay $19 Million For Tricking Customers Into Switching ISPs

Your WhatsApp Account Can Be Suspended By Anyone Who Has Your Phone Number

HSBC Bans Customers From Buying Bitcoin-Backer MicroStrategy Shares

Kraken CEO Warns a Crackdown On Cryptocurrencies May Be Coming

The Google Shopping App Is Shutting Down

Intel's Mobileye Will Launch a Fully Driverless Delivery Service in 2023

The FSF Doubles Down On Restoring RMS After His Non-Apology Apology

Huawei To Invest $1 Billion on Car Tech It Says Surpasses Tesla

FCC Wants You To Test Your Internet Speeds With Its New App

Logitech Harmony Remote Controls Officially Discontinued

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