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Slashdot Study Finds You Can Grow Brain Cells Through Exercise

French Gov't Gives Facebook 3 Months To Stop Tracking Non-User Browsers

Scientists Turn Paper Waste Into Aerogel

SourceForge Eliminates DevShare Program

Hearthstone Cheats and Tools Spiked With Malware

Uborne Children's Books Release For Free Computer Books From the '80s

The Sexual Misconduct Case That Has Rocked Anthropology

Jeep/Chrysler's New Gearshift Appears To Be Causing Accidents

FBI Gripes "We Can't Read Everyone's Secrets"

Twitter Launches Trust and Safety Council To Help Put End To Trolling

Google Display Ads Going All-HTML, Will Ban Flash In 2017

Raspberry Pi's Raspbian OS Finally Ships With Open-Source OpenGL Support

Windmill Blade Molds 3D Printed By National Labs

LIGO Will Make Gravitational Waves Announcement on Thursday

Amazon Launches Free Game Engine Lumberyard

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The Register

The Register Crypto connoisseurs: Curl up with Princeton's 300-page ode to Bitcoin

Bank fail: Ready or not, here's our new software

Techie the most recession-proof job

HMRC is to tax OpenStack cloud with UK citizens' data

Open APIs for UK banking: It's happening, people

Why does the VR industry think 2016 is its year? It's the hardware, stupid

SCO's last arguments in 'Who owns Linux?' case vs. IBM knocked out

FTDI boss hits out at 'Chinese criminal gang' pumping knock-off chips

Is tech monitoring software still worth talking about?

Microsoft quits giving us the silent treatment on Windows 10 updates

Gmail growls with more bad message flags to phoil phishers

Intel's Wind River preps server to deliver VMs into home routers

Flash flushed as Google orders almost all ads to adopt HTML5

GSMA outlines thoroughly sensible IoT security rules

Moscow raids could signal end of global Dyre bank trojan menace

Google binning its search appliance hardware business

Bitcoiners are just like everybody else: They use rubbish passwords

Cisco forgets to ship management software with security appliances

San Francisco prepares to open source its voting system software

Australian astroboffins reveal hundreds of hidden galaxies

Dumping chapter and verse on someone's private life online may be outlawed in Utah

Linode SSH key blunder left virtual servers open to man-in-the-middle fiddles for months

2016 tech shakeout starts with CxO exodus

Don't touch that PDF or webpage until your Windows PC is patched

VMware finally gets all its end-user computing ideas together as one

Telstra proclaims free data day to make up for epic TITSUP

Microsoft hits the gas in drive to recruit autistic techies

Want blazing fast Netflix streams? Book a flight to Northern Europe

We're going to use your toothbrush to snoop on you, says US spy boss

Google crafts custom networking CPU with parallel computing links

Sophisticated malware-as-a-racket fraudsters have been scamming businesses for 10 years

How cybercrooks made $330K from ransomware without really trying

Don't mention the F word: Adobe releases Animate CC

SwiftStack's multi-modal 'we're so much better than you' FUD play

Obama govt proposes 33% hike in cyber-security spending

NASA charges up 18-prop electric X-plane

Getting a grip on Puppet: A guide for beginners

HPE beefs up entry MSA with a bit of flash

Virgin Media spoof email mystery: Customers take to Facebook

Don't you see these simple facts? Destroy Facebook and restore human Liberty

Intelligence Committee marks Gov's Snoopers' Charter: See me after class

Irish kids get first-person view of 1916 uprising... via Minecraft

Violin Memory offers starter kits to tempt flash storage virgins

DataGravity CEO, on layoffs: A little pruning doesn't hurt

Private clouds kinda suck, you know?

Ballmer schools SatNad on Microsoft's mobile strategy: You need one

What took you so long, Twitter? Micro blogging site takes on the trolls

Actifio CEO talks about growth, quietly sacks bunch of staff

Silent Nork satellite tumbling in orbit

Amazon UK boss is 'most powerful' man in food and drink

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BBC News - UK

BBC News - UK Junior doctors begin second strike

Teacher shortages confirmed in England

Murder charge over body in boot

Milly Dowler torment revealed by family

New taskforce created to combat fraud

MPs attack 'right-to-buy' housing model

Ruling 'victory for children across UK'

EU reform 'will not deter UK migrants'

Cycle superhighway legal challenge fails

Scotland's councils accept funding deal

'First triplets' to serve in Army

Future of Peter Pan house secured

Crowdfunding bid to save Turner's house

Harris Tweed secures a coat of arms

Cup win 'one of West Ham's greatest'

Dawson in England World T20 squad

Joshua may face Martin for IBF title

Union boss warns off Corbyn 'plotters'

Tory MP: Poll spending claims 'serious'

Labour Trident deal 'may be impossible'

Drink-drive rethink and Tory ball

VIDEO: A look around Hendrix's London home

VIDEO: MPs triumph in annual pancake race

VIDEO: Starlings' 'ballet of the skies' filmed

VIDEO: 'So windy you can hardly stand up'

VIDEO: Accused of fraud because of dyslexia

VIDEO: ‘Fracking rumours cost us £50,000’

VIDEO: Leicester 5,000-1? So are these...

Can an English suit be made in Cambodia?

Top shots: Landscape photography winners

Birmingham pub bombings inquests: What we know

How many teachers does a school need?

Secret trial: One off - or the first of many?

EU referendum in a time of discontent

Do names make us think storms are worse?

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The US government's "Cybersecurity National Action Plan"

[$] Protecting systems with the TPM

Tuesday's security updates

It’s Been 20 Years Since This Man Declared Cyberspace Independence (Wired)

Security advisories for Monday

Kernel prepatch 4.5-rc3

The rkt container manager reaches 1.0

Friday's security updates

First Ubuntu Touch Tablet Brings Convergence at Last (

Thursday's security advisories

[$] Weekly Edition for February 4, 2016

Security advisories for Wednesday

Catanzaro: On WebKit security updates

Tuesday's security advisories

[$] Whole-house audio with free hardware and software

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