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Slashdot Trump Slams EU Over $5 Billion Fine on Google

Bye Siri, Says Apple AI's Last Remaining Founder

Should the Word 'Milk' Be Used To Describe Nondairy Milk-Alternative Products?

ESO's Very Large Telescope Now Delivers Images Sharper Than Hubble

Chinese Space Official Seems Unimpressed With NASA's Lunar Gateway

Russian Shipwreck Allegedly Carrying $130 Billion In Gold Has Been Rediscovered

Leaked Documents Show Facebook's 'Threshold' For Deleting Pages, Groups

Corning's New Gorilla Glass 6 Will Let Your Phones Survive 15 Drops

eBay Is Conducting a 'Mass Layoff' In the Bay Area

DeepMind, Elon Musk and Others Pledge Not To Make Autonomous AI Weapons

IBM Wants $167 Million From Groupon Over Alleged Patent Infringement

Hackers Account For 90 Percent of Login Attempts At Online Retailers

Zuckerberg: If Someone Gets Fired For Data Abuse 'It Should Be Me'

Google Warns Android Might Not Remain Free Because of EU Decision

Robocall Firm Exposes Hundreds of Thousands of US Voters' Records

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The Register

The Register Adobe on internal systems bug: It's not critical

Spooked Cisco chief phoned AWS, asked: You're not making a switch, are you?

Ah, British summer. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the internet is on the fritz

Liquidators appointed for Tintri UK as DDN bids to become reseller

Azure running out of internets in UK South, starts rationing VMs

British Airways' latest Total Inability To Support Upwardness of Planes* caused by Amadeus system outage

Taps running dry for Capita? Southern Water pens 5-year managed service

5G whizz: Ericsson just turned in first profit since 2016

Azure promises keep your backups safe and snug for up to 10 years

Want to save more on Serverless Computing? You’ve gotta be FaaS

Why why why Di Data? Brit limb Advanced Infrastructure has date with administrators

Airbus UK infosec gros fromage: Yep, we work with arch-rivals Boeing

Oldest swinger in town, Slackware, notches up a quarter of a century

Windows Server 2019 tweaked to stop it getting clock-blocked

Elon Musk, his arch nemesis DeepMind swear off AI weapons

Oz researchers, uni unite against Defence overreach

Telco IT admins on red alert as Cisco flings out patches for security holes in policy toolkit

ME! ME! ME! – Intel's management tech gets a quartet of chip fixes

Big(ish) Blue: IBM sales creep up three per cent, share price follows suit

Techie sues ex-bosses, claims their AI avatar tech was faked – and he was allegedly beaten up after crying foul

Bloke accused of netting $5m on inside info about Lattice Semiconductor

Who's leaving Amazon S3 buckets open online now? Cybercroooks, US election autodialers

Google Cloud Platform reins in its trigger-happy account-axing AI cops

Will this biz be poutine up the cash? Hackers demand dosh to not leak stolen patient records

Windows 10 IoT Core Services unleashed to public preview

Brits whinging less? About ISPs, networks and TV? It's gotta be a glitch in the Matrix

So long and thanks for all the fixes: ERPScan left out of credits on Oracle bug-bash list

Mellanox plumps up thanks to the storage world's hankering for high-speed Ethernet

Brit watchdog fines child sex abuse inquiry £200k over mass email blunder

Reduxio turns inward and, er, sales off for the channel

Fork it! Google fined €4.34bn over Android, has 90 days to behave

Microsoft's 'room-scale' Ginormonitor probably not as big as a room

Call records breach let users feel like Movistars (with everyone watching who they're talking to)

Official: The shape of the smartphone is changing forever

Continuous Lifecycle 2019 call for papers is open NOW

Micron-Intel 3D XPoint split: It's not you, it's m... nah, it is totally you

Wearable hybrids prove the bloated smartwatch is one of Silly Valley's biggest mistakes

Samsung’s new phone-as-desktop is slick, fast and ready for splash-down ... somewhere

PayPal's pal Venmo spaffs your pals' payments – and yours

Microsoft to pay new bounties for identity services holes

Samsung touts bonkers-fast 8 Gbit DRAM for phones, AIs

People hate hot-desking. Google thinks they’ll love hot-Chromebooking

AI can untangle the jumble of neurons packed in brain scans

The crowd roars and Ruckus joins in with 802.11ax kit

Code of conduct claims new Texas Instruments CEO after just six weeks

Google to build private trans-Atlantic cable from US to France

AWS launches on-premises EC2 instances for reverse hybrid cloud

Blood test biz LabCorp pulls plug on systems over hacker fears

IBM attempts to graft virtual machine security onto container flexibility

Webinar: Get a good look at Microsoft’s Windows Analytics suite

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