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Slashdot Two Months Later: NASA's Opportunity Rover Is Still Lost On Mars After Huge Dust Storm

Netflix Will Now Interrupt Series Binges With Video Ads For Its Other Series

Low-Carb Diets Could Shorten Life, Study Suggests

Science Confirms That Women's Pockets Suck For Smartphones

Facebook Flat-Out 'Lies' About How Many People Can See Its Ads, Lawsuit Alleges

OpenAI Is Beating Humans At 'Dota 2' Because It's Basically Cheating

US Government Seeks Facebook Help To Wiretap Messenger, Report Says

Amazon Is Reportedly Working On a TiVo-Like DVR For Live TV

Analysts Say We Are Headed For a Flash Memory Price Crash

OnePlus 6T Will Launch With T-Mobile, the First US Carrier Partner

Did Russians Really Penetrate Florida's Election Systems? Maybe

NSA Cracked Open Encrypted Networks of Russian Airlines, Al Jazeera, and Other 'High Potential' Targets

Baseball Players Want Robots To Be Their Umps

US Judge Blocks Programs Letting 'Grand Theft Auto' Players 'Cheat'

Amazon Is Ready To Take on Apple and Spotify in Streaming Music

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